Bottled Water Dilemma

“Bottled Water Matters” is a front group for the International Bottled Water Association. Some time ago, they began releasing YouTube videos.

In the latest video, available at the link below, their star performer takes to the streets and urges consumers to join the movement and fight those who wish to get rid of bottled water.

“There are people who want to take your choice away,” she says. “People who want bottled water off store shelves because they think it’s unnecessary. But you know that’s not true.”

Ecorazzi sums up the problem with this nicely:

“Let’s not even talk about the fact that besides polluting the world in a big way, bottled water is often less regulated than tap and, when compared, consistently loses tastes tests.”

There are people who want you to think all bottled water is terrible and that tap water is wonderful, but as usual, the issues are not so clear.

I am not taking up for the bottled water industry because there are serious problems, but the simplistic idea that tap water is wonderful has serious issues that advocates overlook.

Years ago, we lived in southwest Florida along the Caloosahatchee River that flowed east to west with its head waters from Lake Okeechobee. There were quite a few little towns along the river and agriculture was king with oranges being the number one crop.

The cycle for oranges is blooms in the spring and fruit in the fall. During the summer, there was a lot of water from rain that replenished the land and the groves, but during the fall, winter and spring, there was little rain and the groves had to be irrigated. Irrigation was mainly from spray system above the groves. These systems also were used to spread fertilizer and pesticides. During the winter, the fertilizer and pesticides were on the trees and on the ground in the groves.

As I mentioned, our public water supply was taken from the river, processed and sent to our homes. My wife and I drank a lot of iced tea and we used plastic containers. We could buy a new container and in 4 or 5 days it was stained brown and no cleaning would remove the stain.

I had a patient come into the office and he managed a local bottled water company. He told me that the stains in our pitcher were from water pollution from orange groves and that if we switched from our tap water to his bottled water service the stains would go away. He explained that his company’s process was to take the local tap water and filter it through charcoal, then filter it through reverse osmosis, then through a positive charge (electrolysis) and finally through a negative charge.

We started the service and within 4 days there no longer were any stains is our plastic pitchers.

The local water seemed ok for most of the year, but each year when the late spring and summer rains came, the water would turn brown and the media (who always protects advertizing and government interests) immediately informed the public that there was nothing wrong with the greenish brown water and it was perfectly safe to drink and bath ourselves and our children. The media said the color was due to algae bloom and it was harmless. What they forgot to mention was that the algae bloom was caused by the commercial fertilizer and pesticide that ran off from the orange groves. Looking back, this was not safe to drink or use in showers.

When we left south Florida, we stopped the water service and within 4 days the brown water stains in the tea pitcher had returned.

The point of this story is that not all bottled water is bad as compared to tap water. Unfortunately, the anti-bottled water advocates tell us that tap water is wonderful and all bottled water is bad.

I am not an advocate of the massive amounts of bottled water with untreated tap water and plastic bottles that are very toxic in their own right, but neither am I an advocate for tap water as it is sent to our homes and offices. That being said, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to know when local water smells or taste funny. Smelly water and bad taste are not healthful or safe to drink.

We live in Texas and most communities have signs as you enter their jurisdiction that says “Superior Water Supply”. These declarations are in cities and communities all over the US. The signs are to make us feel good about our water supply and they hope we will not discover any problems with our water. If you have not seen a water report from your water supply service, you should call them and get a copy that they produce several times a year. These are mandated by various government agencies.

The reports have a number of chemicals they check and they always have less of the chemicals than the federal guidelines say is the maximum for healthy water. If the water gets more chemicals, the government agencies just raise the minimums so the water stays in compliance.

As with any report, you should always look “between the lines” for what is not reported. According to EPA and other agencies, there are many chemicals in the water that are never reported. Water services never report what they cannot take out of the water. The nasty chemicals are lots and lots of drugs like hormones (these come from women taking these drugs as well as runoff from animal concentration camps – chickens, beef and pork), steroids, SSRI drugs (mind-altering like Prozac, Zoloft, Adderall, Ritalin and many more) and massive amounts of antibiotics. If your water comes from a river or lake, there is micronized toilet paper in it; city sewer filters cannot remove this from water, according to the EPA.

The two big toxins that are in water are fluoride and chlorine. Industry in this nation wants you to believe that fluoride is safe in the water supply but it is not safe. The Germans used fluoride in the water of concentration camps to deplete lithium in the peoples’ bodies to create depression. This same process occurs in most water supplies in the US whether added or naturally occurring.

Chlorine is used to “purify” our water by destroying bacteria. It is effective, but the compounds created with chlorine use are very toxic and need to be removed. Most of the toxins are amines. European countries use oxygen to purify their water, but here in the US, the chlorine chemical industry will not allow their business to be hurt by any new technology that might be good for peoples’ health if it would decrease their flow of income.

The point of this newsletter is that bottled water is not a good idea most of the time (there is some spring water available is glass bottles) and tap water is terrible when it comes to health.

The solution is a complete water filtration that removes everything. To do this, the system needs to be reverse osmosis, charcoal, ultraviolet light and electrolysis. The problem is that most people cannot afford one of these systems.

It seems to me that the answer might be community systems where people can go with 5 gallon glass water bottles and take home drinking and cooking water to better take care of their families.

The first step in this process is making people aware of the problem instead of covering up the poor health created by water supplies. If we know, we will come up with solutions – but then the government does not want us to know they fail us on a daily basis.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder and Phil N Fine

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