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Can the People Force Integrity into Corporations and the Government?

There have been several reports this past week that give some hope that  with all the evil and greed among corporations, we may be able to recreate some integrity into the system.

One of the first reports that was released this past week was made public by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Mike discovered and then reported that the two big cereal corporations were misleading the public who buy their products. Mike discovered their cereals and muffin mix were labeled that they contained blueberries and pomegranates and this was a lie. Their product did not contain any blueberries or pomegranates.

Instead, they contained blueberry and pomegranate bits. I am sure your first thought is why someone would do this. The only answer I can come up with is that greed and making a profit to satisfy the stock holders is so great that lying and deceit is worth the risk of getting caught.

 Products Containing Fake Blueberries:

If you have purchased any of the listed products below, you may have been duped:

  • Target Blueberry Bagels
  • Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereal
  • Kellogg’s Blueberry Pop Tarts
  • Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats – Blueberry Muffin Cereal
  • Special K Blueberry Fruit Crisps
  • Betty Crocker’s Fiber One Blueberry Muffin Mix

What are blue berry bits? This is the beginning of the story and includes the ingredients.

Volunteering his research efforts under the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center, the Health Ranger found that Total Blueberry Pomegranate cereal contained neither blueberries nor pomegranates.

Source: General Mills website nutrition facts label, downloaded January 19, 2011:

Yet it is called “Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereal” and positioned as a highly nutritious cereal with the words “100% nutrition,” “Blueberry” and “Pomegranate” appearing prominently on the front of the box, in a very large font size.

While the cereal contains no actual blueberries or pomegranates, it does contain eight different sweeteners: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Barley Malt Extract, Brown Sugar Syrup, Malt Syrup, Sucralose, Molasses and Honey.

The blueberry-like appearance of small bits in the cereal are accomplished through the use of artificial colors like Red #40 and Blue #2, combined with various oils and sweeteners such as soybean oil and sugar.

Learn more:

This story is definitely not over. The media normally will not do report stories like this because they will never say anything against advertisers that might affect their advertising dollars spent, but for some reason, Mike Adams was contacted by CBS news. We can only hope they will report this important story.

We all know that “food” corporations create products that are not healthy or are really not food, as we reported last week on Taco Bell. Maybe reports like these will help change lives for the better.

All the above being said, there was no mention that cereal is unhealthy for many other reasons. We still have the problem with herbicides, pesticides, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, processing (that removes all nutrition from the flour whether it is whole grain or just flour) and extrusion (this destroys all nutrition even if it is organic).

Another story that is back in the news comes from Dr Joe Mercola. We have known for years that fluoride in water and toothpaste is toxic and can affect the IQ of children.

The government has finally admitted that there are serious problems with fluoride. You can check out this story at the following link.

In a nearly unprecedented about-face, U.S. federal health officials admit Americans are getting too much fluoride. It’s causing spots on children’s teeth (dental fluorosis) and could be resulting in other, more serious problems.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced plans to lower the recommended level of fluoride in drinking water for the first time in nearly 50 years. The change in policy is based on a fresh review of the science.

Yahoo News reports:

“The announcement is likely to renew the battle over fluoridation … The Environmental Protection Agency released two new reviews of research on fluoride Friday. One of the studies found that prolonged, high intake of fluoride can increase the risk of brittle bones, fractures and crippling bone abnormalities.”

For further information about the dangers of fluoride, you can watch the video above about a farmer who sued an industrial company that injured and killed his cows with fluoride emissions. You can see how the animals’ teeth were destroyed in the most painful of ways.

In related news, the U.S. EPA has proposed to grant the petition of three environmental groups and end the use of the insecticide sulfuryl fluoride.

The decision cited concerns about children’s health and noted their current overexposure to fluoride through tap water.

The following is the Yahoo report. 

Fluoride was never put in the water to prevent cavities. It has been and is still a toxic waste product left over from industrial wastes. In the 1940’s, there were three industries that had leftover sodium fluoride. One was the aluminum industry which was a darling of the government and the people because of aluminum parts for airplanes in the war effort.

The second was the gunpowder industry that made explosives for the war – bullets and bombs. This later became the chemical fertilizer industry.

The third was the federal government who has fluoride left over from uranium processing to make the A-bomb.

No one wanted the fluoride “dumped” into the environment because it might kill people, since it is so toxic.

There was some evidence that soldiers from the West Texas area around Hereford, TX had no dental cavities. The reason they had no cavities was because the soil in that area of the US had high amounts of calcium. People at that time ate locally. Food was not transported 1,500 to 10,000 miles. The calcium in the food prevented cavities.

Actually, the fluoride in the water caused dental fluorosis that makes the teeth a grayish motley color that damages the enamel on the teeth and causes them to deteriorate.

The third positive report comes about the vaccine industry. Vaccines have never been proven to be effective at preventing disease. There have never been any double-blind placebo-controlled studies to prove that they prevent disease.

We know if you get a disease, like measles, it is rarely anything more than a minor health issue for a few days and then you never get it again.  The theory was that if the drug corporations took a virus and attenuated it (make it less strong) you could inject it into kids and people to prevent the disease.

This is a nice theory but in reality it doesn’t work. There can be many complications, including the fact that a lot of people get the disease after vaccination and that can be worse than if they just got the disease.

Another problem of the past is that people who got the polio vaccine are now coming down with cancer.

All this being said, there is a bigger problem with vaccines. The drug corporations are cheap so they use the cheapest ingredients in the vaccine products. They use all kinds of toxic chemicals including heavy metals, like mercury, aluminum, etc., artificial sweeteners and the latest discovery is mycoplasmas. These are bacteria without cell walls that are very hard to treat. Also, the government has used these cells to develop biological warfare agents that cause MS, ALS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Autism, ADD and ADHD. In other words, vaccines can cause diseases other than the ones they were designed to prevent.

Also, there are vaccines that cause death directly. The latest one is Gardasil from Merck. The last report I had was that 59 girls had died and over 15,000 had been hospitalized.

You can guess how bad or unsafe vaccines are when the government passes laws that prevent you from suing the drug corporations if you or a family member dies or becomes disabled.

I am including links to the Health Ranger, Mike Adams that he has done recently with doctors who are leading the charge against vaccines. In some cases, they want the toxins taken out of the vaccines. They also want medical research to prove they can be effective or taken off the market.

A lot of parents are afraid to buck the school system for fear their children can’t go to school. There are laws in virtually every state that allows you to object to vaccines and refuse to give them to children and still allows them to attend schools. You must do your homework on this issue.

Now that more and more info is coming out about the danger of vaccines, you are going to look stupid and feel terrible if your child gets Autism and/or other neurologic diseases.

If all fails in your fight against vaccines, then stand your ground and home school your kids. It has been proven that most home schoolers are better educated than public school children anyway.

The following links are all related to vaccines and their dangers.

Will the above info help create some integrity in corporations and government? I don’t know, but I sure hope it helps change the USA and the rest of the world to become better places.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder and Phil N Fine

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Biological warfare: I am Really Naïve

I am sure I am not the only person who falls under the Naïve banner but sometimes you kind of need a bump on the head.

Everyone knows that the powers in charge put spin on everything in our daily lives (if you don’t know you need to know) to control public opinion.  The news media reports what it is told to do by their advertisers. If a food product causes cancer and heart disease, the media will not report this because the advertiser may pull their advertisement.

This happened a few years ago in Tampa, FL when two reporters tried to air an article on the Fox network about how rBGH – bovine growth hormones were causing young female children to develop at 7 and 8 years of age instead of 12 to 14. There were other healthy issues in the article, but the lawyers at Monsanto, makers of rGBH at that time, found out about the presentation and they called the head of Fox and reminded how much advertising they paid each and every year. The leaders at Fox told the reporters that they would have to “water” down their content or else. After redoing 40 to 50 times, the final product was worthless for news content.

So many times we think of spin as being a product of the last 10 to 20 years. I was recently reminded of an event on October 30, 1948 when both government and corporate spin came together.

Donora is a borough in Washington County, Pennsylvania, 20 miles south of Pittsburgh on the Monongahela River. Donora was a small town down in a river valley with a US Steel coal smelting plant that extracted zinc to put into steel to make better quality steel. Webster was on top of the hills and not in the valley.

One of the byproducts of smelting, besides black soot from the coal, was fluoride and on this day a weather inversion came over the valley and pushed all the pollution down to the river level. Webster being on top of the mountains was not affected.

October 30, 1948 was a Friday and in most communities there is a Friday night football game. This night in Donora was no exception and many people went outside and in the local stadium for the big game.

Fluoride, whether in water or air, is a very strong toxin. The people in Donora were exposed to a massive amount of fluoride that night whether outside or inside. Twenty people died and sixty some people became disabled because of the weather inversion and fluoride Friday night and over the weekend.

The government did not want the truth to come out and they did not want US Steel to pay any money for this disaster. The people at Carnegie Institute did not want their best buds to pay out any compensation that might lower their profits. So the fix was on and between the government and Carnegie this whole affair was covered up and US Steel paid no compensation to the dead or disabled.

This is certainly an example of spin and cover up and this was 62 years ago. In other words, spin is not something that happened in the last 20 years or so.

Most of you have heard me say that Dr Atkins was ahead of his time when he said he could prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes/obesity. I assumed that he had a lot of original thinking on this matter but, alas, what is around has already been around. There was a man, William Banting in 1862 who was fat, or as they said, he was corpulent.

The long and the short of Banting was that he met William Harvey who had returned from France where he saw a lecture by Claude Bernard on diabetes. Bernard’s theory was that obesity was caused by carbohydrates and not by protein and saturated fats. Banting learned about this eating program from Harvey and in the ensuing 12 months or so he lost a lot of weight that had eluded him for many years. He avoided sugar and starches, particularly milk, bread, beer, sweets, and potatoes. He lost 50 pounds by early 1864.

He wrote a “Letter on Corpulence addressed to the public”. This became very popular and the “diet” became known as Bantingism. Shortly after this diet became popular it became known as Banting.

The difference between Banting and Atkins was that Banting had quality food from grass-fed beef, unpolluted fish and free-range healthy chickens. Atkins advocated the ingredients of Banting diet but other health issues are possible because of hormones, steroids, antibiotics and other toxic chemicals.

Most everyone knows or should know that there is a lot wrong with our health care system. We went from few heart attacks in 1900 to massive numbers today. In 1900, we had cancer as 3 % of the deaths and today cancer affects 40 % of the population. Obesity was not common and type II diabetes was not known, but today it is consuming the media who puts all the blame on individuals and none on their advertisers like cereal, soft drink and processed food manufacturers. There were few degenerative diseases in 1900 or very few until twenty or thirty years ago.

For the most part, there is no doubt that poor quality food and pollution have caused most of our health problems, but I recently found a video done by Professor Garth Nicolson PhD that will scare you to death. The topic is: New Emerging Infections: Their Development, Testing, and Resulting Chronic Illnesses. The following is a link to this video.

The info from his video and the book he and his wife wrote is too extensive to go into now, but I think it is safe to say that this topic, Biologic warfare, was not in my mind set. I thought that the drug experimentation was over after the last seventy or eighty years. I remember that the government did research on black men in the south, retarded people, drug research on soldiers in the sixties and many other atrocities. The German’s did experimentation on Jews and political prisoners during World War II but once again I was Naïve to think those days were over in a civilized society.

Dr Nicolson has information that exposes biological experimentation in the Huntsville, Texas prison in the 70’s and 80’s. The infections created and tested in the prison for the prisoners spread to the guards and other employees of the prison. They created neurological disease that cause MS, ALA, Autism symptoms and other degenerative health problems.

This might not seem too bad since this is a small town in east Texas, but these are the same symptoms that have shown up the Gulf War Syndromes. Even Gulf War Syndrome is not the entire big picture. I have two friends from Iran (brothers) who emigrated from Iran to the US but their mother was living in Iran when Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq, attacked Iran after the US hostage situation in 1979 and 1980. Their mother, as well as many other Iranians, has developed MS and other neurological disease from the weapons of mass destruction that Hussein used on the Iranian people. The war was common knowledge and we knew that the US supported Iraq because we were trying to get back at Iran for the embarrassment they created with the 50 prisoners they kept for about one year.

The rest of the story, as they say in the news, is that we attacked Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. It was determined and reported in the news that we never found any weapons and it was hinted that maybe Hussein had shipped them to other countries; but after you watch Dr Nicolson’s video, you will realize that our military did find weapons of mass destruction. The government and the media did not report these facts because all the boxes and/or containers of the biologic weapons of mass destruction had United States addresses on the labels.

Do you recall the scud missiles that were fired in the Gulf War and the Iraqi war? Guess what folks, those missiles we loaded with biologic infections that we created at Fort Detrick MD, CDC, and other places in the US. These were the drug/agents that were used in the experimentation at the Huntsville Prison in east Texas.

Pandora had a box in mythical history during the Roman Empire and no one wanted the box to open for fear of what it would do to the world. I submit to you that Pandora’s box has been opened and biologics have been released. We are going to experience an even bigger portion of disease that the world has never seen. MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and others yet to be named; medicine has no idea what is going on and will not bother to learn anything about these diseases so they can write prescriptions to make drug corporations even more wealthy. Drug corporations will do nothing just so they can sell drugs that do nothing to alleviate disease.

You ask, what is the point of all this in this newsletter? We have all been Naïve and we have a government and corporate structure that has gone wild in hurting people in the USA and all over the world to make money and control people. Will we ever get a government that represents the good in this nation?

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder and Phil N Fine

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