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I am tired of the Media Blaming the Public for Obesity and Doctors “We don’t Know” When it comes to Disease

We live in an age when almost no one takes blame when they do something wrong and or they blame someone else for what they did wrong.

We have a gated/guarded community close to where we live, and they had someone vandalizing unoccupied homes. This happened about six times, so the security people set a house up and waited for the vandals. It ended up that three boys were doing the damage and the security people took the boys to the local sheriff’s office where their parents were called to come and bail them out. Two of the parents were surprised and shocked that their kids would something like this and were ready to punish their boys on the spot as they took them home.

The third mother got all indignant and yelling that her little dear would never do something like vandalism and she was going to sue the security police and the sheriff’s department. The little vandal was caught in the commission of a crime and the mother denied it could happen.

Does this sound familiar?

If you are obese or at least over weight, just watch the media on a daily basis as they do stories or interviews with skinny anorexic people that probably complain about being fat when they have gained 5 pounds. The implications are always that we don’t exercise, and we eat too much. Tommy Thompson said that “We just eat too dare much”. Unfortunately the media will never report that the “deck” is stacked against everyone that eats food from a grocery store.

The most blatant conspiracy involving overweight people is soft drinks headed up by Coke Cola. A 20 oz soft drink has 55 milligrams of salt, NaCl, plus high fructose corn syrup. The HFCS is in the drink to cover up the taste of the salt and the salt is in the drink to make you thirsty so you will drink more.

What is the problem with HFCS that is in almost every processed food we buy in regular grocery stores?

If I gave you a bunch of candy bars made with sugar and ask you to eat them until you wanted to quit, you might eat a couple but because your sugar level went up, your insulin system with leptin would kick in and send a signal to your brain that you had enough and you would quit eating the candy bars.

If on another day I gave you a bunch of candy bars made with high fructose corn syrup and told you to eat until you didn’t want any more you would eat and eat and we don’t know when you would stop because the leptin and insulin system would never send a signal to your brain to stop.

My point of this is that if you or I are at fault over something then we ought to stand up and do the right thing but when it is not our fault or when only part of something is not our fault then we need to fight back.

Agriculture and food manufactures are stacking the deck against us and they are creating disease at our expense just so they can make massive amounts of money. I am not opposed to making money but not when integrity is lost. A lot of people believe that their government is protecting them from unsavory corporations but most of the time they are protecting the multinational multibillion dollar corporations and slamming the small companies who do not have enough to compete with government lawyers.

To add insult to injury our medical system that is run by drug corporations keep lying to us. If you ask a doctor what causes cancer you will get a blank look and he or she will say “We don’t know” but the truth is there is a cause for everything but it is not in doctors or drug corporations best economic interest to cure you or prevent.

We see ads on TV for drugs for fibromyalgia and the narrator says “Thought to be caused by over active nerves”. What a line! “I am taking a “Statin drug” for my cholesterol because diet and exercise did not work. This is bull “stuff”. The reason diet and exercise did not work is that they were told not to eat fat (there are healthy fats and unhealthy fats) so they ate carbohydrates instead. Folks, carbohydrates are the direct cause of cholesterol and triglycerides. Doctors, through drug corporations don’t want you to know the truth because you might get well and not need so many expensive drugs.

Obesity and diabetes is another example of a failed system making billions of dollars over your misfortune. If the food was not spiked with excessive salt and high fructose corn syrup (or excessive consumption of fruit with high fructose) we would not be having these problems. Child hood cancer and obesity are running hand in hand and medicine is doing nothing but writing prescriptions for drugs.

Cancer is made to be a big mysterious disease that no one knows how to cure but the truth be known cancer is just a few cells gone wrong (we all have cancers cells in our bodies from day to day or from time to time). The problem is that the cancer cells get into a body that has little quality immune system, flooded with sugar, MSG, and other chemicals and the cancer cells go nuts growing with wild abandon when they should be killed by our bodies. As they grow and are finally discovered by medicine, the big chemicals (chemo), knives (scalpels), and radiation are brought in to kill the cancer cells and most of the good surrounding cells. After a few months when you are about to expire or run out of money you are told there is nothing modern medicine can do for you so prepare to meet your maker.

What is the solution? In my opinion we need integrity in government and corporations.

We need a healthy food system, a healthy agriculture system, an honest media system that tells the truth no matter what their advertisers say. I don’t think this is likely to happen so what should we do to help ourselves and change the system.

Don’t eat anything that is advertised on TV; eat local food even if we have to go “underground” to hide our actions from the government and greedy corporations. Complain and put pressure on corporations like Walmart, Kroger, Monsanto (probably the most evil corporation in the world) that we want to be treated in a healthful way.

The most important thing to do is get cheap out of your mindset when it comes to food. The politicians want cheap food so you will spend the “extra” money left over from food on things like new cars, big screen TV’s, houses that we can’t afford so that our brains are so warped with distractions that we will not realize they are “shafting” us. The is like the old Jerry Reid song “She got all the gold and he got the shaft”

I don’t mean that we should not have nice things but we need to put quality food at the top of the important things in life and stop thinking cheap. When we go to restaurants and grocery stores we are always surrounded with cheap. Save ten cents here and a nickel there but while we are doing it we buy soft drinks, processed “foods” and chemically dead fruits and vegetable from all over the world instead of locally grown healthy food.

It is time to change your little corner of the world. If everyone takes one little step to improvement we can change the world and our health.

Why would anyone think it is cool to be sick and on a bunch of medicine that makes you worse, not better?

Remember that all disease is preventable with a healthy life style no matter what your doctor or the TV says.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder and Phil N Fine

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Why We should Treat Pain without Drugs

One of the things you cannot fully appreciate until you get older is pain. Before anyone attacks me and says that I don’t understand pain that is so unbearable that you have to take pain medication, you are right, but I am not talking debilitating pain from injuries and incurable diseases.

There are people with pain and there is nothing to do but take toxic medication and suffer the side effects.

I am talking about the pain of arthritis and the normal aches and pains of getting older or maybe from some old minor injuries, like my old hyper- extended knee, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other minor problems.

We live in a time when people still trust doctors and the medical system thinking that they have our best interests in their hearts when in fact their only interest is making people sicker so that they make more money.

The federal government embraces anything or everything drug corporations come up with to make money because it is good for the economy. If drugs happen to kill or disable people, it is just the cost of business and life goes on, that is for some people.  

One of the past pain drug mismanagements was Vioxx, Bextra and  Celebrex. Bextra was taken off the market, Vioxx killed 60,000 and disabled 100,000 people and taken off the market, while Celebrex is still available with commercials on TV telling how it is not that bad even though you might have severe complications and even death.

I said mismanagement because these drugs, particularly Vioxx, were known to kill and disable for 5 years and the manufacturer, Merck, and the FDA knew of the complications and they did nothing to help the people.

The FDA exists to protect drug corporations from lawsuits and financial losses and drug corporations, like Merck, access losses from lawsuits to profits. If the profits are greater than the losses, then they continue to sell their drugs. If the losses are greater than the profits, then they take the products off the market.

Why did people use most of these drugs? There were many people who took them for severe pain but most were taking them for minor aches and pains.

I can’t count the times that a joint in my hand hurt and sometimes it has been hard to lift a large glass of water, or a joint in a foot or knee hurt when walking. I have found that I just need to suck it up and the pain goes away in a day or two or I get into a FAR sauna or massage the area (myself or by a professional).

Unfortunately, when you go to doctors too frequently and they ask if you have any problems and you explain these aches and pains, they put labels on this, usually arthritis, and tell you that you need a pill like Vioxx or Tylenol or other over-the-counter pills. Unfortunately, the “treatment” is worse than the “disease”.

Doctors are not in the get-well business, as they are in the let’s get you hooked on drugs so they can make money off your business.

Most pain is from inflammation and doctors have lots of pills called anti-inflammatory drugs. The truth be known most inflammation can be helped by fish oils, salmon, cod liver oil, krill oil, etc (if they are processed correctly) or massage therapy.

An example of inflammation that can be cured is carpel tunnel syndrome. This real health problem is cause by repetitive motion on a daily basis like typing on a computer key board. The muscles go into spasms and pull on the tendons that attach to bones in the forearm and/or hands.

There are surgeons who buy sports cars and mansions with monies from carpel tunnel syndrome surgery that seldom works, when a good therapeutic massage therapist can “cure” carpel tunnel syndrome in three or four visits of one hour each with a follow up maybe every month or two.

The truth be known, most joint pain can be relieved with quality fish oils, massage and a little time. Needless to say, this treatment is cost -effective, simple to do on your own and no toxic side effects or death.

One of the classic reasons for pain medications is headaches. Again, I know that sometimes people have to use some drugs, but to rush for pills is not in your best interest as the side effects, both short-term and long- term, are far worse than the headache. If you take too much Tylenol, a drug people think is harmless, it can destroy your liver and kill you.

Headaches can be from stress and you need to fix the stress. That simply means doing exercise, changing jobs, changing friends or staying away from family members who might be causing your problems. Remember that it is your job to take care of you because drugs and doctors are not in your best interest.

Another cause of headaches can be from what you consume. MSG is in 95 percent of all processed foods including steak, chicken and pork that you purchase in a regular grocery store. When you purchase these foods in restaurants, the amount of MSG is even greater than from grocery stores. MSG can be a major cause of headaches.

With the advent of artificial foods and artificial sweeteners, headaches have gone up drastically. Equal/aspartame is the largest source of migraine headaches in the USA. Other symptoms caused by this chemical are blindness, brain tumors and an increase in diabetes because it makes you crave carbohydrates.

Another artificial sweetener that has serious side effects is Splenda/sucrolose. People experience headaches, skin eruptions, lethargy and a general feeling of malaise.

What is the solution to all these problems? Live a more natural life without chemicals (drugs or otherwise).

Buy locally grown food and prepare your food from scratch. Some are going to say they have no time to prepare food, but you are going to pay or invest in good health or you will pay with drugs and disease and a shortened life of misery. Chances are you will not get to the golden years with any money to have fun with the grandchildren, or worse yet, your kids will not make it to adulthood to live the USA dream of being better off than their parents.

Do as much for yourself as naturally as possible and avoid doctors for aches and pains.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder, Phil N Fine, and WelDon Burger

To ask questions please call 214 615 6505 ext 1748 

PO Box 914

Whitesboro, TX 76273-0884 “Eat Healthy, Feel Better, Live Longer” a special product that can prevent symptoms caused by drinking too much – the hangover helper.


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America does not have a shortage of doctors, it has an excess of disease

I took this title from Mike Adams “The Health Ranger”. My spin is a little different than Mike’s, but he and this title are correct.

I contend that we did not get a health bill but a sick bill. The idea of the bill was to bring 40,000,000 people into the system who were not officially covered by health insurance. This is not quite true, because if these uninsured people showed up on the doorsteps of a Parkland-like hospital in Dallas, TX, (substitute free clinic/hospital name in your area), they would get their babies delivered for free, emergency appendectomy, hernia repair, heart treatment, etc. free.

What these people did not get free was antibiotics for their flu or cold (which is not the correct treatment anyway); they did not get statin drugs for high cholesterol to prevent heart disease (cholesterol does not cause heart disease but statin drugs are a billion dollar income source for drug corporations and they cause many health problems including death); they did not get drugs for many diseases that are nutritional disorders (so they don’t have massive drug side effects and other complications).

I have a friend who has “good benefits” from her job and her husband’s job. The doctors have no idea what is wrong with her because they have her on 22 different drugs. No one should be on 22 medications. Her doctors are incompetent. The 40,000,000 people are fortunate that they don’t have these benefits, but our “sick care program” will take care of them in the near future so that these poor, unfortunate people can have the same advantages of my friend – the system is going to kill them and, at the end, the doctors will just say, “We did our best but medicine can’t cure some things”.

Medicine can’t cure squat. Heart disease is worse than 50 years ago and it is getting worse. Cancer was 3 % of deaths 100 years ago and now ranks as the number one killer; 50 years ago it hardly showed up in children and, today, it is the fastest growing cancer in this nation. Type II diabetes did not exist 100 years ago and now it is rampant. Eighteen years ago, autism was found in one of every 10,000 kids and now it is one out of every eighty or so kids.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Modern medicine is fantastic when it comes to emergency health care but a dismal failure when it comes to everyday health of the people. The US is about number 50 in the world – many third world nations have better health than we and we let our corporations go into these countries to “help” them. Our corporations (drug, chemical, industrial food manufacturers, etc) are just exploiting them so they are raped of money and their health decreased to our level.

As Mike says in his article, if we improve the health of the people we will have an oversupply of doctors and not a shortage.

How can we do this – improve the health of the people without using drugs and surgery. Mike’s suggestion is to give every person, man, woman and child a free supplement of vitamin D 3 everyday (dose adjusted for size), and I agree that this would really help, but it is not enough.

My suggestion is to go to the next step in preventing disease. Stop or reduce all sugar and high fructose corn syrup. One hundred years ago the average person ate 6 pounds of sugar per year and there was little disease. Today, the average person eats 175 pounds of mostly high fructose corn syrup every year and all disease is rampant. Most of the sweeteners that people consume are not their fault as they don’t know they are eating or drinking this toxic poison. They don’t understand that this causes high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, obesity, type II diabetes, degenerations and depressive conditions. People don’t realize that “food” corporations put these sugars into food to make them addicted to drinks and processed foods just to make money and if the people get sick or die along the way “the corporations don’t care”.

I know this is not an easy task and will not happen overnight, but we have to have goals and we need to get rid of doctors with the sorry excuse “we don’t know what caused your poor health”. They don’t know because they don’t know or they don’t want the people to know so they can continue making massive amounts of money.

Reducing sugar is a goal and difficult to do, but in the meantime, lets tax the “devil” out of all products with sugars and high fructose corn syrup and put the money into the new “sick care” program. If I eat little to no sweeteners to be healthy (and consume vitamin D 3 and sunshine), why should I have to pay for the people with poor health. I am suggesting that people who consume sweeteners pay an inflated tax to pay for their illnesses in later years and those of us who want to be healthy do not have to pay their bills.

Taxing sugars and HFCS in food will be easy to administer and collect, but can we trust the government to put the money in the right fund. I doubt this as they stole money out of Social Security to pay for the Cold War and ICBM’s – a war that was started by our military industrial complex – look at President Eisenhower’s warning in 1960.

Remember to take care of yourself because the government and our doctors will not do it for you.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder and Phil N Fine

To ask questions please call 214 615 6505 ext 1748 

PO Box 914

Whitesboro, TX 76273-0884   “Eat Healthy, Feel Better, Live Longer” a special product that can prevent symptoms caused by drinking too much – the hangover helper.

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