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The Food Safety Modernization Act – Dead Food Bill

Senate bill S 510 may be dead. Harry Reid, senator from Nevada, says this bill cannot be stopped, but the senate made a big mistake in its funding that has to be done by the house, according to the law. It seems to me that they will have to rewrite the bill and vote on it again or let it die. This lame duck Congress is about to go home for the holidays, so this bill S 510 may have to be addressed by the new Congress.

We can hope that this really bad bill will just go away. The following ten points will explain why this is a bad law for the people of the US. I got these points from Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, at Natural News. I am using Mike’s ten points but have modified them because I have different issues on some items.

Lie #1 – Most deaths from food poisoning are caused by fresh produce

Here’s one whopper of a lie the mainstream media won’t dare report: Out of the 1,809 people who die in the USA every year from food-borne pathogens (CDC estimate), only a fraction die from the manufacturer’s contamination of fresh produce. By far the majority of food poisoning is caused by the consumption of spoiled processed foods, dead foods and animal-human transmission of pathogens.

In terms of food-borne illness, many of the deaths come from things like spoiled tomato sauce, spoiled canned foods and spoiled pasteurized milk. S 510, of course, does absolutely nothing to address these food contamination deaths, since those foods are considered “sterilized” at the time of sale.

Lie #2 – Under S.510, the FDA would only recall products it knows to be contaminated

Not true. S.510 merely requires the FDA to have “reason to believe” a food is contaminated. So right there, that means all raw milk will be targeted by the FDA because even without conducting any scientific tests at all, the FDA can say it has “reason to believe” the milk is contaminated merely because it is raw.

In other words, the FDA no longer needs science to outlaw a food product. It merely needs an opinion. This seems to be a violation of an individual’s right to a day in court.

Lie #3 – They didn’t tell you that nearly 70% of grocery store chickens are contaminated with salmonella every day

Yep, it’s true: Amid all the fear-mongering over salmonella, everybody forgot to notice that the vast majority of fresh chickens sold at grocery stores every single day are widely contaminated with salmonella. Yet S 510 does absolutely nothing to address this. It’s not even mentioned in the bill.

Joel Salatin in VA was under pressure not to process chickens under a roof but with open sides that allowed sunshine to help sterilize the work area. He decided to do a study. He took cultures of his birds and cultures from chickens at local grocery stores. His birds had almost no salmonella while the grocery store birds had millions of salmonella bacteria in the culture count.

Lie #4 – S.510 will exclude and protect small farmers

The Tester Amendment, which was finally included in S.510, excludes farmers who sell less than $500,000 worth of food each year from the more onerous paperwork and compliance burdens described in the bill. But this dollar amount is not indexed to inflation, meaning that as the U.S. dollar continues to lose value due to the Federal Reserve counterfeiting machine running at full speed (more “quantitative easing,” anyone?), food prices will continue to skyrocket — and this will shift even small family farms into the $500,000 sales range within just a few years.

The main idea of S 510 was to get rid of small family farms that compete for dollars from food manufacturing corporations. This amendment does little to protect family farms.

Lie #5 – The FDA needs more power to enforce food safety

The FDA already has the power to effectively recall foods by publicly announcing a product has been found to be contaminated. The FDA already has the power to confiscate “misbranded” products, too, and it could easily use this power to halt the sale of contaminated food items. There is no need to expend the powers of the FDA.


Lie #6 – Fresh produce is contaminated because of a lack of paperwork

There is no evidence that requiring farms to fill out more paperwork will make their food safer. The real cause of produce contamination is the existence of factory animal farms (CAFO) whose effluent output (huge rivers of cow, pig and chicken feces, basically), end up in the water supply, soils and equipment that come into contact with fresh produce.

Lie #7 – The American people are dying in droves from unsafe fresh food

The truth is that Americans are dying from processed food laced with toxic chemical additives, not from fresh, raw produce. Partially-hydrogenated oils, white sugar, aspartame, MSG and artificial food colors almost certainly kill far more people than bacterial contaminations.

The American public is also dying from pharmaceuticals — anywhere from 100,000 to 240,000 people a year are killed by FDA-approved drugs), most of which have been approved under the guise of blatantly fraudulent science and drug company trickery. The FDA doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, it has been a willful co-conspirator in the scientific fraud carried out by Big Pharma in the name of “medicine.”

Lie #8 – The FDA just wants to make food “safer”

Actually, the FDA wants to make the food more DEAD. Both the FDA and the USDA are vocal opponents of live food. They think that the only safe food is sterilized food, which is why they’ve supported the fumigation, pasteurization and irradiation efforts that have been pushed over the last few years.

Lie #9 – Food smuggling is a huge problem in America

One of the main sections of S.510 addresses “food smuggling.” Yep — people smuggling food across the country. If you’ve never heard of this problem that’s because it’s not actually a problem. If the government outlaws healthy local food, then you will see people smuggling food all over the USA.

Lie #10 – S.510 will make America’s food supply the safest in the world

The truth is that USA and Canadian food is the most contaminated chemicalized food in the world (except China) and S 510 will only make it worse. The more small local healthy food is outlawed, the worse the food supply will become and the more disease will increase. The truth is that today the biggest economic growth area in the USA is health care (instead of high tech exportable products). To keep the “ball rolling, so to speak, we need more disease. Poor quality food creates more business for drug corporations.

To be healthy we need locally grown organic foods.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder, Phil N Fine, and WelDon Burger

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Dr Bob the Health Builder 12 Health Myths

Dr Bob the Health Builder


Weekly Newsletter for Wealthy Healthy Wise


Vignettes to make Life a Little Better and More Prosperous

12 Health Myths

The following link is a fun thing about health myths that are unimportant at best. I am putting the link in this newsletter so you can enjoy learning some relatively unimportant facts. This article was in CNN.

The rest of this newsletter will be spent on 12 myths that are very important to your health. These are for the most part unknown by most doctors. A lot of these twelve myths have come from Dr Mercola’s web site.

  1. Cardio is One of the Best Types of Exercise

In recent years, researchers have begun to realize that conventional cardio, such as jogging, is not all it’s been cracked up to be, and that you can actually improve your health and increase fat burning by making slight modifications to your cardio routine.

The problem is that traditional cardio only works on the slow twitch         muscle fibers in your red muscle, completely ignoring your white muscle super-fast twitch fibers.

  1. Vaccines are Safe and Effective and Prevent Disease

I understand that many people, both medical and lay persons, believe that vaccines are one of the greatest gifts to public health in the history of civilization. Unfortunately, this is just not true.

If you are a believer, I suggest you look into the respected physicians, scientists, clinicians and pro-vaccine safety experts. I also suggest that you go to Google and You Tube and put in the following two names. Mary Tocco and Barbara Loe Fisher. This will start you on a path to enlightenment.

There are three things you need to know about vaccines before you or your children take another vaccine.

First, is the vaccine in question safe? It takes a minimum of 7 years to know if a new vaccine is safe.

Secondly, does it effectively prevent disease? This can only be considered one vaccine at a time and there are many questions unanswered.

And third, which vaccines can safely and effectively be given together or in close succession? I am convinced that no child should get more than one vaccine at a time. In other words, MMR should only be given one at a time – M, M, and R over a two to three month time period – if at all.


  1. Fluoride in Your Water Lowers Your Risk of Cavities


The theory behind fluoride in your water supply was never to prevent cavities. It was to dispose of toxic waste products from the 1940’s that were left over from the aluminum industry, fertilizer industry and uranium processing from the government’s Atomic bomb making.

Today, the debate is if it reduces cavities in children or is it wrong to medicate a whole society when the toxic effects are very clearly hurting public health.

Fluoridation benefits at best are from topical applications. Fluoride works from the outside of the tooth, not from the inside of your body.

There is practically no difference in tooth decay between fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries and no difference between states that have a high or low percentage of their water fluoridated.

Fluoride can cause significant harm, from dental fluorosis to thyroid damage (in absence of iodine in the diet fluoride and/or bromine attach to the thyroid) to reduced IQ (particularly in the larger cities where fluoride is most commonly prescribed to the general population), and much, much more.

  1. GMOs Crops are Safe, Well Tested and Economically Beneficial


GMOs may be the greatest health disaster in the American diet. Within 9 years of their introduction in 1996, multiple chronic illnesses jumped from 7 percent to 13 percent of the population, food allergies doubled in less time and many other ailments have exponentially increased with the introduction of GM foods.

This topic is way too complicated for this newsletter but please check out book and website “Seeds of Deception” by Jeffery Smith

  1. Sun Causes Skin Cancer


There are many misconceptions about melanoma – the most dangerous type of skin cancer that accounts for more than 75 percent of skin cancer deaths. But despite all the bad press linking sun exposure to skin cancer, there’s almost no evidence at all to support that stance. There is, however, plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Over the years, several studies have already confirmed that appropriate sun exposure actually helps prevent skin cancer. In fact, melanoma occurrence has been found to decrease with greater sun exposure and can be increased by sunscreens with toxic chemical nano technology. This is like so many things in this nation. Let a couple of corporations smell a profit in a new idea and they will go to no lengths to exploit people and make profits at the peoples’ expense.

The biggest problem with skin cancer is lack of vitamin D. With vitamin D 3 supplementation or vitamin D from sunlight, skin cancer decreases.

  1. Saturated Fat Causes Heart Disease


As recently as 2002, the “expert” Food & Nutrition Board issued the following misguided statement, which epitomizes this myth:

“Saturated fats and dietary cholesterol have no known beneficial role in preventing chronic disease and are not required at any level in the diet.”

This dangerous recommendation, which arose from an unproven hypothesis from the mid-1950s, has been harming your health and that of your loved ones for about 40 years now. The truth is that saturated fats from animal and vegetable sources provide the building blocks for cell membranes and a variety of hormones and hormone-like substances, without which your body cannot function optimally.

They also act as carriers for important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Dietary fats are also needed for the conversion of carotene to vitamin A, for mineral absorption, and for a host of other biological processes.

In fact, saturated is the preferred fuel for your heart!

Without saturated fats, people will develop dementia, Alzheimer’s and other related mental problems. The key, however, is the need for healthy saturated fats like coconut oil and fats from grass-fed, non-chemical beef and dairy products.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners are Safe, Well Tested and Help Promote Weight Loss


Most people use artificial sweeteners to lose weight. The amazing irony is that nearly all the studies that have carefully analyzed their effectiveness show that those who use artificial sweeteners actually gain more weight than those who consume caloric sweeteners. Check out the work of Dr HR Roberts MD a diabetic doctor from the east coast of Florida.

 There are two toxic popular sweeteners. One has caused brain tumors and loss of vision from its two main components – formaldehyde and methanol (wood alcohol). The other product has a chemical component of chlorinate hydrocarbon that is similar to DDT, a pesticide.

  1. Soy is a Health Food


The meteoric rise of soy as a “health food” is a perfect example of how a brilliant marketing strategy can fool millions. Unfermented soy products are NOT healthful additions to your diet.

I want to encourage you to read the book “The Whole Soy Story” by Kaayla T. Daniels, PhD, CCN.

Thousands of studies have linked unfermented soy to malnutrition, digestive distress, immune-system breakdown, thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders and infertility—even cancer and heart disease.

Ninety five percent of all soy raised in the USA is genetic engineered – Franken foods

Here is a list of the detrimental health effects that have been linked to soy consumption:

  • Breast cancer
  • Brain damage
  • Infant abnormalities – Soy “milk” in infant formula is equivalent to 5 birth control pills per day in the form of Phyto estrogen
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Kidney stones
  • Immune system impairment
  • Severe, potentially fatal food allergies
  • Impaired fertility – 25 percent of teenagers are sterile
  • Danger during pregnancy and nursing


  1. Whole Grains are Good for Everyone


The use of whole-grains is an easy subject to get confused on especially for those who have a passion for nutrition, as for the longest time we were told the fiber in whole grains is highly beneficial. Just watch the cereal commercials on TV advocating fiber while the stuff is coated with sugar/high fructose corn syrup.

Unfortunately, ALL grains, including whole-grain and organic varieties, can elevate your insulin levels, which can increase your risk of disease, particularly obesity and type two diabetes.

  1. All Plant Based Supplements are as Good as Animal Supplements


The primary example here is that of omega-3’s. It’s very important to realize that not all omega-3 fats are the same, and that the type and source of your omega-3 will make a big difference in the health benefits it provides.

There are three types of omega-3 fats:

  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)


  • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)


  • ALA (Alpha-Linolenic Acid)


Many people do not realize that most of the well-known health benefits associated with omega-3 fats – such as mental health, stronger bones and heart health — are linked to the animal-based omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA), not the plant-based omega-3 fat (ALA).

ALA, which is the type of omega-3 found in flaxseed and nuts, is converted into EPA and DHA in your body, but only at a very low ratio compared to the animal version.


  1. Milk Does Your Body Good


         Can milk do your body good?

         Yes, if it’s RAW.

Unfortunately, this myth insists that conventional pasteurized milk has health benefits, which is far from true. Conventional health agencies also refuse to address the real dangers of the growth hormones and antibiotics found in conventional milk. In the State of Massachusetts, in 2007, three people died from pasteurized milk while no one died from raw milk.

I do not recommend drinking pasteurized milk of any kind, including organic, because once milk has been pasteurized its physical structure is changed in a way that can actually cause allergies and immune problems. You also have to watch labels very carefully. Regular pasteurized milk has a temperature of 161 degrees for a few seconds. This destroys at least 50 percent of the health benefits. Ultra pasteurized has a temperature of 225 degrees for a few seconds that destroys 100 percent of the nutrients.  Nothing will grow in this product. If the bugs will not eat it, why would you?

Important enzymes like lactase are destroyed, which causes many people to not be able to digest milk. Additionally, vitamins (such as A, C, B6 and B12) are diminished and fragile milk proteins are radically transformed from health nurturing to unnatural amino acid configurations that can actually worsen your health.

The eradication of beneficial bacteria through the pasteurization process also ends up promoting pathogens rather than protecting you from them.


  1. Low-Fat Diets are Healthy


The low-fat myth may have done more harm to the health of millions than any other dietary recommendation. Just as the recommendations to avoid sunshine has increased melanoma rates, the low-fat craze led to increased consumption of trans-fats, grains, sugar and high fructose corn syrup, which we now know increases your risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

To end the confusion, it’s very important to realize that eating fat will not make you fat!

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder and Phil N Fine

To ask questions please call 214 615 6505 ext 1748 

PO Box 914

Whitesboro, TX 76273-0914 a special product that can prevent symptoms caused by drinking too much – the hangover helper.  my new membership site. Video of my new book “Eat Healthy, Feel Better, Live Longer”

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