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Pure White & Deadly: Does Sugar Kill and Cause Disease?

I stole the title “Pure White and Deadly” from a book by John Yudkin that was written in its first edition in 1972. The subtitle is “The new facts about the sugar you eat as a cause of heart disease, diabetes and other killers”.

Understand that this man wrote this book in 1972 and updated it in 1986. He did not know about high fructose corn syrup so all of his work was based on sugar. This man predicted all the increase of disease thirty-nine years ago. I think this is astounding.

This seems overly simple, but the solution to curing disease is to stay out of your doctors’ offices and stop eating sugar. Obviously, stopping high fructose corn syrup is first, because HFCS has made the diseases worse since John wrote this book. In addition to eliminating HFCS, we must also limit fructose from fruits, because they are just as deadly as HFCS if eaten to excess – fructose is fructose.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is also worse because it is made from Genetically Engineered corn and one of the manufacturers of HFCS uses a caustic soda containing mercury. This is in 25 % of all the HFCS.

I know that a bunch of mamby pamby people and others who are the dominions of big business are going to say, “We have got to let the people enjoy themselves and we can’t take sugar off the market because it would not be fair.”

Folks, what is fair?

I don’t think 6 month old babies who are obese is fair.

I don’t think 6 year old obese children who become type II diabetics before they are teenagers is fair.

I don’t think a 48 year old male or female diabetic on dialysis is fair. He or she may be stupid, but it is not all his or her fault, because of the industrial food manufacturers that want him or her addicted to their products just so he or she will spend money on their products to satisfy the stock holders income potential; and if it kills them, they could care less.

It is also not fair that a diabetic consumes about $57,000.00 per month on dialysis from the taxpayers along with other expenses from drugs, doctors’ visits and hospital fees for the heart disease and other conditions that go along with kidney failure.

I don’t think coronary heart disease is fair due to diabetes.

It is not fair that Peptic ulcer, Hiatal hernias, Gallstones and Crohn’s disease are mostly caused by sugar.

There is evidence that myopia/nearsightedness is caused by sugar, HFCS and poor nutrition in the food. Dental decay is caused by sugar. Seborrhea dermatitis diminishes if you lower sugar. There is some evidence that acne improves sometimes with less sugar. Gout is caused by sugar. Liver disease is, in part, caused by sugar and is definitely caused by HFCS. HFCS will cause obesity and cause swelling in the livers of normal people. There is a link to cancer from sugar. Even if sugar doesn’t cause cancer, there is evidence that sugar causes cancer cells to multiply and spread more quickly.

Sugar also has an effect on maturity and longevity and it messes up the normal bacteria in the gut that decreases our immune system causing more colds and flu.

I guess the question is “should we ban sugar and HFCS – or as the industry now calls it “Corn Sugar”.

We can’t ban sugar because people have the right to screw up their lives, but there has to be something that we can do. It is not right for healthy people who try to eat healthy, that they should pay the medical bills of people who don’t care if they live or die and eat crap daily or feed crap to their children.

The first question I think of is, “Can we make corporations responsible for the disease they create”? Our government is so corrupt that they are not going to make corporations do anything that might lower their bottom line in business. The FDA allows drug corporations to kill and disable people just for profits. Also, is there a way to make corporation develop integrity? The only way that comes to mind is to stop buying their unhealthy, sugar-laden products.

Another way to solve the sugar dilemma is taxing all sugar, high fructose corn syrup and all artificial sweeteners. If we tax consumption before and during the disease process, the only people paying the health care bills are the ones who become sick. If we could trust the government to not spend the money on our military industrial complex (They did spend social security monies on the cold war ICBM boondoggle and never replaced the money), then the people would be paying for their disease before they got sick.

The corporations that use and make sugar, HFCS and artificial sweeteners will have conniption fits because they will say that just a little bit, or used in moderation, will not hurt anyone. The problem is like the old Frito Lay commercial for potato chips – “bet you just can’t eat one”. There is no such thing as a little bit or moderation. Sugar, HFCS and artificial sweeteners are used in everything. If you buy corporate industrial food, almost all the products are contaminated. There are only two solutions for unhealthy, processed food. Don’t eat it in the first place or tax the crap out of it to pay the health care bills. The people not eating this stuff should not be taxed in any way.

Remember, this one word that has to become the watch word for human beings and the world – BIOACUMMULATION. It is not that a little bit hurts. It is that a little bit here and a little bit there keeps building up to a whole lot. A whole lot kills and disables.

Remember to read labels, don’t eat sugar and HFCS and buy local, healthy food. The closer your food is grown to your home, the better your health will be.

Check out Dr Hustig, MD on his take of sugar and HFCS. It is because of him that I discovered John Yudkin and the book “Pure White and Deadly”.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder and Phil N Fine

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The 10 Worst Foods You Can Eat

There are many more bad foods besides the ones I mention here, but this is an interesting group. I have added two more at the end as a bonus.

If you can think of other foods that are terrible and would like to start a new list, I will be glad to do another newsletter on what you would like covered.

  1. Soup – TV ads claim that “soup is good food” but this is just not true for the major brands. Most soups are made from the cheapest ingredients and made to taste better by adding large amounts of salt, Trans fatty acids and MSG. The MSG is usually not listed on the label as the government allows industrial food corporations to hide MSG with terms like natural flavorings, yeast extract and many others.
  2. Bacon – Bacon as sold in stores is very unhealthy because of the nitrites and nitrates used in the processing. Also, all meat sold in grocery stores has been tortured, raised in their own pooh, fed and injected with hormones, antibiotics and many other chemicals. Fats are healthy in preventing cancer if they come from healthy animals, but the fats from bacon and other processed meats are terrible.
  3.  Hamburger – fast-food processed burgers are loaded with health problems. They can have 1010 calories, 71 grams of unhealthy fat, 1580 grams of salt (unhealthy salt), and 12 grams of sugar. This can make you tired besides making you feel like you don’t want to work after lunch and this does not include a drink or fries.
  4. Baked treats – cupcakes, twinkies (which are mostly chemicals), Little Debbie, and much, much more, are high is Trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and other sugars – lots and lots of calories with no nutrition.
  5. Classic potato chips – high in Trans fats, calories, high in salt (crave something to drink), and other chemicals that are addictive. They are loaded with cancer causing chemicals. And of course empty carbohydrates.
  6. Hot dogs and processed lunch meats – I have heard the words “mystery meats” because you have no idea what is in the meat. I had a friend who worked in a meat packing plant years ago who saw them grind up the female cows udders into the bologna. I have found a company that makes chicken hot dogs by grinding up chicken bones and cartilage in making their products. This does not include the massive amounts of salt, MSG, nitrates and nitrites that are put into the “meat” for flavoring, but also cause cancer.
  7. French fries – can be somewhat healthier if they are fried with healthy lard that is not from industrial produced pigs (also coconut oil), and if they are real potatoes; but today, most oils are genetically engineered (cotton seed, soy, canola, etc) and the potatoes are a pureed potato product held together with a type of glue. This is not healthy or appetizing.
  8. Doughnuts – what a collection of Trans fatty acids, processed grain, high fructose corn syrup and sugar. There is nothing in this that is beneficial.
  9. Soft drinks and juices – These are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and sugar that are horrible for your health. With the soft drinks, you also add phosphoric acid that will eat rust off of metal, dissolve metal line nails and dissolve meat in a bowl that is covered with the drink. The soft drink also has massive amounts of sodium (salt) to make you thirstier so you will consume more of their products. Drinking one 44 ounce soft drink per day will increase your body weight by 20 pounds each year.

10. Fried Catfish – Catfish is a bottom feed that, for the most part, is raised in Mississippi in ponds/lakes. They eat and swim in each others pooh and are fed genetically engineered grains. When prepared, they are fried in vegetable oil that becomes Trans fatty acids and dipped in genetically engineered corn (85 % of all corn in the US is GE). Also, if not drained of oil, the amount of Trans fatty acids is even worse. Catfish also have no beneficial fatty acids like salmon.

Honorable mention for worst foods is pizza. The dough is made from bleached flour without any nutrients, tomato based sauce that is loaded with MSG and other flavor enhancers, cheese from cows that are locked up in covered barns, standing in their own pooh 24 hours a day (with their tails cut off so they will not sling pooh on the cow next to them). The largest pizza chain in the USA just got caught putting silicone in their cheese so it has more stiffness to it.

The final mention today of the worst foods is macaroni and cheese. Macaroni is made with extrusion, high temperature and high pressure (this is like cereal) that destroy all nutrients including the artificial vitamins and minerals. The rest of this is cheese. The “cheese” has almost never seen a cow much less being produced by a cow.

If you have ideas for another newsletter please let me know.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder, Phil N Fine, WelDon Burger

To ask questions please call 214 615 6505 ext 1748 

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Whitesboro, TX 76273-0884   “Eat Healthy, Feel Better, Live Longer” a special product that can prevent symptoms caused by drinking too much – the hangover helper.

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