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America does not have a shortage of doctors, it has an excess of disease

I took this title from Mike Adams “The Health Ranger”. My spin is a little different than Mike’s, but he and this title are correct.

I contend that we did not get a health bill but a sick bill. The idea of the bill was to bring 40,000,000 people into the system who were not officially covered by health insurance. This is not quite true, because if these uninsured people showed up on the doorsteps of a Parkland-like hospital in Dallas, TX, (substitute free clinic/hospital name in your area), they would get their babies delivered for free, emergency appendectomy, hernia repair, heart treatment, etc. free.

What these people did not get free was antibiotics for their flu or cold (which is not the correct treatment anyway); they did not get statin drugs for high cholesterol to prevent heart disease (cholesterol does not cause heart disease but statin drugs are a billion dollar income source for drug corporations and they cause many health problems including death); they did not get drugs for many diseases that are nutritional disorders (so they don’t have massive drug side effects and other complications).

I have a friend who has “good benefits” from her job and her husband’s job. The doctors have no idea what is wrong with her because they have her on 22 different drugs. No one should be on 22 medications. Her doctors are incompetent. The 40,000,000 people are fortunate that they don’t have these benefits, but our “sick care program” will take care of them in the near future so that these poor, unfortunate people can have the same advantages of my friend – the system is going to kill them and, at the end, the doctors will just say, “We did our best but medicine can’t cure some things”.

Medicine can’t cure squat. Heart disease is worse than 50 years ago and it is getting worse. Cancer was 3 % of deaths 100 years ago and now ranks as the number one killer; 50 years ago it hardly showed up in children and, today, it is the fastest growing cancer in this nation. Type II diabetes did not exist 100 years ago and now it is rampant. Eighteen years ago, autism was found in one of every 10,000 kids and now it is one out of every eighty or so kids.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Modern medicine is fantastic when it comes to emergency health care but a dismal failure when it comes to everyday health of the people. The US is about number 50 in the world – many third world nations have better health than we and we let our corporations go into these countries to “help” them. Our corporations (drug, chemical, industrial food manufacturers, etc) are just exploiting them so they are raped of money and their health decreased to our level.

As Mike says in his article, if we improve the health of the people we will have an oversupply of doctors and not a shortage.

How can we do this – improve the health of the people without using drugs and surgery. Mike’s suggestion is to give every person, man, woman and child a free supplement of vitamin D 3 everyday (dose adjusted for size), and I agree that this would really help, but it is not enough.

My suggestion is to go to the next step in preventing disease. Stop or reduce all sugar and high fructose corn syrup. One hundred years ago the average person ate 6 pounds of sugar per year and there was little disease. Today, the average person eats 175 pounds of mostly high fructose corn syrup every year and all disease is rampant. Most of the sweeteners that people consume are not their fault as they don’t know they are eating or drinking this toxic poison. They don’t understand that this causes high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, obesity, type II diabetes, degenerations and depressive conditions. People don’t realize that “food” corporations put these sugars into food to make them addicted to drinks and processed foods just to make money and if the people get sick or die along the way “the corporations don’t care”.

I know this is not an easy task and will not happen overnight, but we have to have goals and we need to get rid of doctors with the sorry excuse “we don’t know what caused your poor health”. They don’t know because they don’t know or they don’t want the people to know so they can continue making massive amounts of money.

Reducing sugar is a goal and difficult to do, but in the meantime, lets tax the “devil” out of all products with sugars and high fructose corn syrup and put the money into the new “sick care” program. If I eat little to no sweeteners to be healthy (and consume vitamin D 3 and sunshine), why should I have to pay for the people with poor health. I am suggesting that people who consume sweeteners pay an inflated tax to pay for their illnesses in later years and those of us who want to be healthy do not have to pay their bills.

Taxing sugars and HFCS in food will be easy to administer and collect, but can we trust the government to put the money in the right fund. I doubt this as they stole money out of Social Security to pay for the Cold War and ICBM’s – a war that was started by our military industrial complex – look at President Eisenhower’s warning in 1960.

Remember to take care of yourself because the government and our doctors will not do it for you.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder and Phil N Fine

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