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Hallelujah: The End May Be Near (I don’t mean the end of Time in Christian Sense)

Monsanto, the world’s most evil corporation, is in financial trouble. This is great news. In fact, the only way this could be better news is if Monsanto went broke and closed its doors.

My first experience with Monsanto was with Vietnam veterans. We had a friend in our church, Barry, who was young by today’s standards. He was about 55 to 60 years old and retired from the US Army. Shortly after we met him and his wife, Barry started missing church on some Sundays. His wife informed us that he had Parkinson’s disease. Barry went downhill fast and it was not long before he died.

On inquiring about his past, I found out that he was one of thousands of Vietnam veterans who had been exposed to Agent Orange, the defoliant that was used during the war to destroy the jungles of Southeast Asia so that the North Vietnamese might be more visible to our soldiers.

Agent Orange was manufactured by Monsanto.

After the war, the reports of poor health from Agent Orange began to surface. Diabetes was a common side effect along with cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Monsanto denied these claims, but as time has gone on, the obvious became even more obvious.

Today, 50 % of the soldiers exposed to Agent Orange have diabetes and the numbers of cancers and Parkinson is immeasurable. The number of birth defects in adults and children in Vietnam is beyond counting. I have a patient whose father was exposed to Agent Orange during the war and when he came home he married and had 4 children. The children are all in their twenties and early thirties and, at this time, all four have been treated for four different types of cancer. Who knows what they will have as they get to their forties and beyond.

All this being said, with statistical proof, Monsanto still denies it and our government covers their lies to protect them from lawsuits. In my mind, this is not right.

Fast forward from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to the nineties and let’s talk about life forms that are not natural. I am referring to GMO’s – Genetically Engineered Organisms, or as some call them, Franken Foods.

Monsanto took plants and introduced a gene that was not natural for the plants to make them do something that was beneficial for the corporation but not to people or to the plants. The driving force was to patent the new GMO plants so farmers could not save seeds without patent infringements and so the farmers would have to use more of Monsanto chemicals to eliminate weeds without killing the plants. Their goal was to control the world’s food supply so that they would have a monopoly on chemicals and seeds and control the world’s population.

These plants were never tested for safety or health of the environment, animals, plants or that of people. Hitler tried to control the world through violence with war. Monsanto’s goal was to control the people of the world without ever firing a shot.

The following paragraphs came from the New York Times:

According to the New York Times, weeds are becoming immune to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, and its latest genetically modified, 8-gene corn is a flop, producing yields no higher than the company’s less expensive corn, which contains only three foreign genes.

“Monsanto has already been forced to sharply cut prices on SmartStax and on its newest soybean seeds, called Roundup Ready 2 Yield, as sales fell below projections,” the Times said. “And the Justice Department is investigating Monsanto for possible antitrust violations.”

“Until now, Monsanto’s main challenge has come from opponents of genetically modified crops, who have slowed their adoption in Europe and some other regions. Now, however, the skeptics also include farmers and investors who were once in Monsanto’s camp.”

Besides what I reported above, here are other things Monsanto has done in 20 years or so that qualifies them as evil.

  • Suing small farmers for patent infringement after Monsanto’s GM seeds spread wildly into surrounding farmers’ fields, contaminating their conventional crops
  • Secretly discharging PCB-laden toxic waste into an Alabama creek and dumping millions of pounds of PCBs into open-pit landfills for decades after PCBs were banned in the US for being a possible carcinogen.
  • Being found guilty of bribery to bypass Indonesian law requiring an environmental assessment review for its genetically engineered cotton.
  • Last year, the supreme court of France found Monsanto guilty of falsely advertising its herbicide Roundup as “biodegradable” and “environmentally friendly.” Scientific evaluation discovered that glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, is acutely toxic to fish and birds and can kill beneficial insects and soil organisms that maintain ecological balance. Additionally, the surfactant ingredient in Roundup is more acutely toxic than glyphosate itself, and the combination of the two is even more toxic.
  • In 2007, the South African Advertising Standards Authority also found Monsanto guilty of lying when advertising that “no negative reactions to Genetically Modified food have been reported.”
  • According to one EPA scientist, Monsanto doctored studies and covered-up dioxin contamination of a wide range of its products. She concluded that the company’s behavior constituted “a long pattern of fraud.”
  • In 1999, the New York Times exposed that Monsanto’s PR firm, BursonMarsteller, had paid fake “pro-GMO” food demonstrators to counteract a group of anti-biotech protesters outside a Washington, DC FDA meeting.
  • This does not include the deception that got Indian farmers into debt they could not pay back when yields failed to come close to Monsanto sales predictions. Hundreds of these Indian farmers committed suicide because they could not pay their debts.

Monsanto has “friends” in high places. Clarence Thomas, on our Supreme Court, did work for them before becoming a Justice. He contributed to Monsanto when they wanted to get their food genes patented.

Michael Taylor, a former vice president of public policy and chief lobbyist at Monsanto Company, is the deputy commissioner for foods at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Who is Michael Taylor? He is the person who “oversaw the creation of GMO policy,” according to Jeffrey Smith, the leading spokesperson on the dangers of GM foods. Smith continues:

“If GMOs are indeed responsible for massive sickness and death, then the individual who oversaw the FDA policy that facilitated their introduction holds a uniquely infamous role in human history. That person is Michael Taylor. He had been Monsanto’s attorney before becoming policy chief at the FDA. Soon after, he became Monsanto’s vice president and chief lobbyist.”

Also, former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, now the Secretary of Agriculture, is widely regarded as a shill for biotech giants like Monsanto (he even reportedly often travels in Monsanto’s jet). There are other less noticeable connections too, such as Sharon Long, a former member of Monsanto’s board of directors who was part of Obama’s scientific advisory team during the election/campaign.

Now that Monsanto is having financial problems and legal battles from governments, farmers and the public, let’s get behind Jeffery Smith’s campaign to get the general public to complain to grocery stores that they do not want to eat GMO foods that is causing fertility problems, cancer and allergies.

Go to and donate money if you can. If you can’t give money, you can contribute in other ways from this site.

Also download the following site so that you can vote with your dollars by avoiding GMO foods and give this pamphlet to 20 other people. Everyone who is eating organic, partially or fully, will be interested in this pamphlet that will improve their health and the health of their families.

Remember that hurting Monsanto and the other smaller corporations like them is great for the health and well being of the US and Canada.

Also remember to buy local food as much as possible and unprocessed. The only sugar that is safe (well not too safe) is labeled “Pure Cane Sugar”. Any other sugar is from GMO sugar beets or High Fructose Corn Syrup. They are toxic and unhealthy.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder, Phil N Fine, and WelDon Burger

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Eating Healthy Foods is now a Mental Disorder!

Just treating the old diseases like heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, allergies, flu (with vaccines) and degenerative conditions does not bring in enough money to satisfy the voracious appetite of Big Pharma to tear every dine out of the US population that they can get their grubby hands around.

Big Pharma continues to invent new diseases just so they can grab more than their fair share of profits. It is bad enough that toxic chemical agriculture and industrial food manufactures are killing us with poor quality food, but now those of us that want to eat better than junk food are labeled as having a mental disorder.

The following head line appeared in the Guardian in England.

Healthy food obsession sparks rise in new eating disorder

Fixation with healthy eating can be sign of serious psychological disorder

By Amelia Hill in the Observer, Sunday 16 August 2009

The following quote would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. The end result is that Big Pharma is now pushing psychotropic drugs to treat this disease.

Eating disorder charities are reporting a rise in the number of people suffering from a serious psychological condition characterized by an obsession with healthy eating.

The condition, orthorexia nervosa, affects equal numbers of men and women, but sufferers tend to be aged over 30, middle-class and well-educated.

The condition was named by a Californian doctor, Steven Bratman, in 1997, and is described as a “fixation on righteous eating”. Until a few years ago, there were so few sufferers that doctors usually included them under the catch-all label of “Ednos” – eating disorders not otherwise recognized. Now, experts say, orthorexics take up such a significant proportion of the Ednos group that they should be treated separately.

“I am definitely seeing significantly more orthorexics than just a few years ago,” said Ursula Philpot, chair of the British Dietetic Association’s mental health group. “Other eating disorders focus on quantity of food but orthorexics can be overweight or look normal. They are solely concerned with the quality of the food they put in their bodies, refining and restricting their diets according to their personal understanding of which foods are truly ‘pure’.”

Orthorexics commonly have rigid rules around eating. Refusing to touch sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya, corn and dairy foods is just the start of their diet restrictions. Any foods that have come into contact with pesticides, herbicides or contain artificial additives are also out.

The obsession about which foods are “good” and which are “bad” means orthorexics can end up malnourished. Their dietary restrictions commonly cause sufferers to feel proud of their “virtuous” behavior even if it means that eating becomes so stressful their personal relationships can come under pressure and they become socially isolated.

“The issues underlying orthorexia are often the same as anorexia and the two conditions can overlap but orthorexia is very definitely a distinct disorder,” said Philpot. “Those most susceptible are middle-class, well-educated people who read about food scares in the papers, research them on the internet, and have the time and money to source what they believe to be purer alternatives.”

Deanne Jade, founder of the National Centre for Eating Disorders, said: “There is a fine line between people who think they are taking care of themselves by manipulating their diet and those who have orthorexia. I see people around me who have no idea they have this disorder. I see it in my practice and I see it among my friends and colleagues.”

Jade believes the condition is on the increase because “modern society has lost its way with food”. She said: “It’s everywhere, from the people who think it’s normal if their friends stop eating entire food groups, to the trainers in the gym who [promote] certain foods to enhance performance, to the proliferation of nutritionists, dieticians and naturopaths [who believe in curing problems through entirely natural methods such as sunlight and massage].

“And just look in the bookshops – all the diets that advise eating according to your blood type or metabolic rate. This is all grist for the mill to those looking for proof to confirm or encourage their anxieties around food.”

It appears that the goal of main stream news (TV, newspapers, etc), medicine, drug corporations, and industrial food manufactures is control of people so that they will blindly follow what they are “told” so the income levels of corporations will not fall.

The following is a comment from Mike Adams the Health Ranger.

There is a huge danger to those who run our consumption-based society because consumption depends on ignorance combined with suggestibility. For people to keep blindly buying foods, medicines, health insurance and consumer goods, they need to have their higher brain functions switched off. Processed junk foods laced with toxic chemicals just happens to achieve that rather well. Why do you think dead, processed foods remain the default meals in public schools, hospitals and prisons? It’s because dead foods turn off higher levels of awareness and keep people focused on whatever distractions you can feed their brains: Television, violence, fear, sports, sex and so on.

The one other thing Mike and the Guardian left out when it comes too switched off brains is fluoride in the water. Fluoride depletes lithium from the body and causes depression. Add dead unhealthy foods and it is easy to see how we end up with orthorexia nervosa.

The truth is that we need as many people eating healthy food as possible so that someone has enough clarity to help people change or to help change our system so that we increase the number of people that demand healthy food to prevent as much disease as possible.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder and Phil N Fine

To ask questions please call 214 615 6505 ext 1748 

PO Box 914

Whitesboro, TX 76273-0884 a special product that can prevent symptoms caused by drinking too much – the hangover helper.  my new membership site. Video of my new book “Eat Healthy, Feel Better, Live Longer”

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